Automated forging complexes

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PJSC “NKMZ” designs, manufactures and produces automated forging complexes on the hydraulic presses basis.

Thus, 2 brand new automated forging complexes on the 50 and 30 MN presses basis are exploited at NKMZ.

Complex consists of the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic forging press
  • Forging manipulator
  • Tool manipulator
  • Die changing mechanism
  • Car-bottom heating furnaces
  • Car-bottom heat-treating furnaces
  • Forge crane
  • Complex automated process control system

Forging presses are intended for manufacturing of blocks, shafts, cylinders, shells and other parts from carbonaceous, alloyed steels as also titanium and non-ferrous alloys.

It is down stroke presses with vertical structure and drive from pump-accumulator stations.

Press structure is consisted from fixed traverse-frame and crown, connected with each other by means of columns, along where movable traverse travel.

Presses are completed with:

  • Top die fastening mechanisms;
  • Tool manipulator for tool infeed to the press operating area;
  • Pit covering;
  • Stairs and sites;
  • Anchor parts;
  • Electric equipment;
  • Control systems and pipelines;
  • Forging manipulators;
  • Forge automation system;
  • Technical documentation.