Plate-bending equipment

Taking into consideration integrated iron and steel works requirements, NKMZ offers equipment for all existing manufacturing schemes of large diameter gas and oil pipes:

  • Skelping by means of plate-bending machine;
  • Press forming technique;
  • Sequential press bending process.

In order to convey plate or pipe, we designed and ready to supply all kinds of technological equipment, such as: plate pilers, roller tables, transfer cars, etc

Except skelping, technological process of pipes manufacturing includes following stages:

  • Edge milling;
  • Submerged arc welding of inside and outside welds;
  • Ultrasonic and radiographic tests;
  • Pipe expanding;
  • Chamfer machining;
  • Hydrostatic pipe testing;
  • Pipe checking and storing.

The entire technological process is monitored by means of automated process control system

We have gained an experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of the pipe billets through the use of the plate bending and post-binding machines.

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