Reheating and heat-treating furnaces

NKMZ manufactures and accomplishes complete delivery of:

  • Batch furnaces of car and stationary bottom types;
  • Bell-type furnaces;
  • Continuous roller-hearth furnace or walking-beam heating furnace;
  • Vertical furnace;
  • Conveyor furnace;
  • High speed heating furnace.

Furnace design complies with most modern requirements of global market:

  • Provides high heating uniformity and accuracy (+5°C);
  • Metal cooling within wide range of speeds and temperatures;
  • Provides high reliability of assemblies and elements;
  • Modern gas burning units consisted from high speed burners, which are implemented in the cooling air supply lances are used;
  • Gas burning units have automated control which provides practically complete fuel burning;
  • High speed burners have combustor discharge of high rate and provide practically complete fuel burning in continuous and pulse modes;
  • Furnace operation area sealing is accomplished by mans of original devices;
  • Furnace lining is accomplished by means of modern low-inertia fiber materials and refractory concrete;
  • Thermal accumulation system provides furnace thermal mode stabilization according to the energy saving algorithms and connection to the workshop information network.


Implementation of the most progressive technical decisions to the furnaces design allows to:

  • Increase quality of metal products;
  • Reduce  heat treatment duration;
  • Save up to 40% of fuel;
  • Provide furnaces environmental safety.

NKMZ accomplishes design and engineering developments, manufacturing, supply as also installation of equipment and fiber lining, start-up and commissioning works, personnel training.


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