Production History. Map of deliveries

Since its commissioning in 1934, NKMZ has designed and manufactured a large variety of cranes of different lifting capacity and applications for various production sectors. In the late 40s of the 20th century, an intricate 150-ton portal crane for the Moskva-Volga canal, the first 125-ton teeming cranes for Makeevsky, Kuznetsky, Dneprodzerzhinsky and Zaporozhsky iron and steel plants and some traveling cranes for the power stations were made at NKMZ. Later on, the product mix of NKMZ was much expanded.

Today NKMZ produces both general purpose and special applications cranes. A number of crab, pit, slab, charging, casting, ingot-stripping, charging-box and other cranes has been designed and manufactured for the iron and steel plants. In the early 90s, based on the production capacities employed earlier for the space and missile complex of the USSR, a variety of the self-propelled crawler and wheel-mounted cranes along with the locomotive cranes were designed and implemented in service. Another aspect of development works carried out at NKMZ is construction of different erecting and fire-fighting truck-mounted lifts (tower ladders).

With the stringent requirements for the crane reliability and efficiency in view, NKMZ constantly upgrades existing equipment and expands the range of services including maintenance and retrofit of the cranes. Lifting and conveying machines offered here are designed based on application of the latests technologies implemented both inside the country and abroad and the experience accumulated all over the world. Operational reliability and efficiency, easy installation and maintenance are the main criteria adopted for design and manufacture of this kind of machinery.