Electric overhead traveling cranes

NKMZ produces electric traveling cranes for all industry branches, as follows:

Map of deliveries
  • General purpose cranes;
  • Swivel-hook cranes;
  • Swing-trolley cranes;
  • Magnetic cranes;
  • Grab-bucket cranes;
  • Erecting cranes;
  • Special, different designation.
Reference list

Crane traveling structures can have a rigid beam structure resting on balancers or balancing bridge structure with simply supported beams. Erection joints should be provided with high-strength bolting.

Enhanced comfort cabs with regulated chairs and joysticks can be mounted to operating carriages or to the crane bridges.

Control systems can be made according to the customer’s wish – of domestic manufacturers completing parts or the same produced by leading world companies.

It’s possible to produce commercial, explosion-proof and fire-proof cranes operated from the cab, the floor or with a remote controlling, A.C. or D.C. operated cranes with a capacity of 5 to 650t.

 All the produced cranes are subject to check assembly in the producer workshops.