Mechanism for slab charge and transfer

Slab transfer (ST) НК1031 is meant for slabs transportation from the roller tables of 2-strand continuous casting machines (CCM), transporting slabs to the storage area (receiver) and backwards. During a cycle time (150 sec.) ST performs a slab grip at one of CCM strands, transporting and laying into receiver, return to the next strand. The same time ST requires to transport slabs from the receiver to CCM roller tables for charging to the carrying roller table. ST is controlled from the control pulpit installed outside the ST.

Reference list

Map of deliveries

Description Value
Bay 15
Hoisting mechanism
speed, m/s (m/min)
   - min
   - max

0,04 (0,24)
0,24 (14,4)
Hoisting mechanism
speed, m/s (m/min)
   - min
   - max

0,178 (10,68)
0,944 (56,64)
Gripping mechanism
lowering depth, m
Slab sizes, mm
   - thickness
   - width
   - length

200; 250