Heat treatment

  • Heat hardening of teeth, bushings, cages, wheels, gear shafts, pistons, screws, rolls, chocks, discs and other parts by means of high induction hardening and by means of commercial frequency current hardening.
  • Surface impregnation of teeth of power gears.
  • Annealing, isothermal annealing, normalization with tempering, blank parts tempering.
  • Quenching with tempering of forged large-sized blanks weighing up to 65 tons. Their dimensions are: for cylindrical blanks: diameter is up to 2500 mm, length is up to 25000 mm; for rectangular blanks: thickness is up to 200 mm while width is up to 2500 mm; thickness is 200 mm to 700 mm while width is up to 2000 mm; thickness is starting from 700 mm and more while width is up to 1500 mm; rings, bands weighing up to 25 tons and with diameter up to 4500 mm.
  • Quenching with tempering of cast parts.
  • Tempering of metal works, iron castings, age hardening of castings and forgings during machining.
  • Gaseous carburization of machined parts with length up to 3500 mm and 1850 mm of diameter is effected.
  • High-temperature quenching of parts having diameter up to 2500 mm, and weight 25 tons of such grades of steel: ЭИ-415, 2X13, 3X13, ЭИ-961, ЭИ-802 and other heat resistant steels is produced.