Transmissions, reducers and toothed gearings

  • General purpose parallel-shaft reducers:
    - single-stage reducers with C/C distance - 355... 1250 mm.
    - two-stage reducers with low-speed  range C/C distance - 400...1250 mm.
    - three-stage reducers with low-speed  range C/C distance -  400...1250 mm.
  • Large size single and two-stage parallel-shaft reducers with C/C distance up to 2700 mm.

"Speed reducers and gearings 2014"
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  • Pinion stands with C/C distance - 500...1400 mm.
  • Two-stage worm and single-stage cone-worm reducers with top, bottom and lateral implementation of the worm to the gear and C/C distance - 63...630 mm.
  • Two-stage worm and two-stage cone-worm reducers with low-speed range C/C distance - 160...400 mm.
  • Combination two-stage worm and cylindrical worm reducers.
  • Single, two and three-stage epicyclic-gear-train reducers with vertical and horizontal output shaft implementation. Output torque – up to 1000 kNm.
  • Reducers for mine winders:
     - double-drive reducers: ЦО-14, ЦО-16, ЦО-18, ЦО-22; 2ЦД-2200 with C/C distance - 1400 mm; 1600 mm; 1800 mm; 2200 mm.
     - two-stage reducer ЦД-20 with total C/C distance - 2000 mm, and gear ratio - 20.
  • Two-stage right-angle reducers:
     - with low-speed  range C/C distance up to 1250 mm. Transmission capacity – up to 1000 kW.
     - with in-line backstop arrester.
  • Gear wheels and pinion shafts of cylindrical, bevel, worm and other types.   
  • Gear-type clutches for shafts connection with diameter 30...1000 mm.
  • Reducers for actuating of bucket wheel, walking and crawler-mounted excavators, trunk conveyors, underground railway escalators.
  • Design engineering and manufacturing of reducers for imported equipment.