Steelmaking: process of quality steel production

Fully upgraded and formed according to its own engineering the steelmaking technological complex of NKMZ includes: 1 electric arc furnace EAF with the capacity of 50t; 2 electric arc furnaces EAF with the capacity of 12t; 1 electric arc furnace EAF with the capacity of 5t; 2 after-furnace ladle steel treatment units "Ladle-furnace"; steel vacuum degassing area based on the steam-jet pump and 4 vacuum chambers including vacuum chamber for VD and VOD.

Steelmaking is effected in steelmaking units with minimum time consumption, then metal is treated in the ladle using the «Ladle-furnace» unit and vacuum degassed. Depending on the present chemical composition and required properties of steel casting may be performed either in vacuum by top pouring or in air by means of bottom pouring.

Technical capabilities of steelmaking facilities allow to produce forging ingots weighing from 3,5 to 170t and up to 200t of liquid metal for producing steel castings.