Steelmaking: after-furnace ladle steel treatment

The “Ladle-furnace” unit is equipped with the slidegate ladles of three type sizes: 30, 60, 90 tons which allows treatment of up to 88 tons of liquid steel and allows pouring of steel treated in it for pressing ingots producing weighing up to 170 tons. In the course of the after-furnace ladle steel refining the: correction of chemical composition, reheating, flux-cored wire treatment by means of wire-feeders, argon blowing of metal are performed, which provides reduction of non-metallic inclusions and gases content in metal.

Equipment for steel vacuumizing in the ladle with argon blowing and, if necessary, with oxygen blowing based on the vacuum steam-jet pump is installed together with LFU in order to provide high degree of degassing, deoxidation, desulphurating, decarburizing, and non-metallic inclusions removing.

After-furnace steel treatment in the “ladle-furnace” unit (LFU) provides obtaining of steel having chemical composition and temperature of high preciseness and allows to produce desulphurating of metal up to the preset parameters, and to reduce non-metallic inclusions content, and also LFU serves as accumulating and damping unit between melting unit (EAF) and facilities for steel pouring.