Steelmaking: steel vacuum degassing

Treatment of metal in vacuum chambers allows ingots weighing 21 to 170 tons to be cast in vacuum.

Vacuum chamber No.4 is furnished with argon, oxygen and nitrogen supplying system, with wire feeders, used for steel modifying by means of powdered materials, sliding lid with videosupervision system, water-cooling oxygen lance, sampling unit, used for chemical composition of steel and gases content determining, unit for metal temperature measuring in vacuum. This equipment allows steel treatment conducting according to VD and VOD processes.

By means of VOD technology high chromium steel with the carbon content of < 0.03% is obtained. The unified fleet of sladegate ladles of the “Ladle-furnace” unit (having capacity 30, 60, and 90 tons) is used in order to effect steel vacuum degassing (VD technology).

Gases content after metal vacuum degassing:Quality level of steel meets the highest world standards.