Design and production centre "NKMZ- Automatics» : project development activities

The design and production centre (DPC) "NKMZ-Automatics" is an official partner and authorized system integrator of Siemens AG automation and drive department as well as of such companies as Schneider-Electric and Rittal.

The centre incorporates powerful research and development department the design engineers of which with their high proficiency and vast experience perform the works of any degree of complexity for all branches of heavy industry and almost for all fields of mechanical engineering:

  • mining equipment: reloaders, reclaimers, crushers;
  • metallurgical equipment: continuous casting machines, secondary refining units, steel-melting furnaces, blanks heat treatment and cutting facilities, electro slag remelting units;
  • press-forging equipment: open and close-die forging presses, manipulators, equipment for large diameter pipes production.
  • welding equipment: welding units for parts with large diameter and thickness;
  • rolling equipment: rolling mills equipment (wide strip mills, section mills), cutting units.

The design and production centre (DPC) "NKMZ-Automatics" performs complete integrated automation of heavy industry facilities:

  • pre-project research and preparation of the technical-and-commercial offer;
  • investigation of the facility to be automated and collection of initial data;
  • preparation of technical design specification;
  • design works;
  • manufacture and tests of packaged control units;
  • installation and start-up works, designer's supervision;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee services;
  • operating personnel training.

Within the scope of ICS realization the sofware development is performed at different automation levels: PCL level – with controllers from Siemens, Schneider-Elect-ric, ABB, GE Fanuc and others; ICS level - SCADA -systems (Siemens WinCC, InTouch, FactoryLink and others); Integration level – systems are based on DBMS ORACLe, MS SQL and designed for ICS engineering data integration into enterprise data system; equipment status monitoring systems and technology implementation with provision of automatically reсorded reports for managerial staff.

The new systems are developed on the basis of gained experience and in accordance with proprietary standards for software design and development.

The SCADA-systems from world leading manufacturers are used for development of visualization systems.