Mechanical gas metal electric-arc welding. Orbital welding of pipelines

The welding is performed in carbon dioxide, argon, helium and on the basis of these gases.

The main equipment fleet consists of high-productive universal welding units from Messer and EWM (Germany), fitted with inverter power supplies and microprocessor control circuits. The main advantage of these units is broad options for automatic control over all stages of welding process, including metal transfer, metal movement in welding bath, welding joint solidification and degassing, welding joint surface conditioning and shaping.

Maximum length of weld product , mm 35000
Maximum weight, t 250
Maximum thickness of weld metal, mm 1 ... 200

For pipelines precision welding, the orbital welding unit from POLYSOUDE (France) is applied, enabling to perform automatic welding of fixed joints by nonconsumable electrode both with filler wire and without it. Pulsed arc welding is also possible as well as welding by electrode transverse oscillations.

Microprocessor control provides vast possibilities for welding cycle programming and allows record-keeping of welding process parameters.

Minimum diameter of the pipe, mm14
Maximum diameter of the pipe, mm245
Thickness of the wall, mm1 ... 20