Excavators: production history

One of the basic activities which NKMZ originally adhered to, was designing and manufacture of equipment for opencast mining.

By the end of the 40-s of the past century in connection with the intensive development of the opencast mining technologies and construction of the large hydraulic structures with great amounts of the earth-moving operations, NKMZ proceeded to manufacture of power shovels СE-3 and walking draglines ESh-1; over the following ten years walking draglines ESh-4/40 and ESh -10/60 were started.

In the early 50-s concurrently with draglines production mastering, NKMZ was the first in the Soviet Union to manufacture heavy-duty stripping shovels with buckets of 15m3 and 35m3 capacity. Later on supplies of these power shovels were initiated both inside the country and abroad to Germany, Russia, India, China, Mongolia, Iran, Cuba and other countries. NKMZ became known throughout the world and its trademark obtained general recognition. During half a century over 2000 power shovels.

By the end of the 50-s when open-cut mining method became priority in the world, NKMZ was the first in the USSR to manufacture bucket-wheel excavators, stacker reclaimers, main belt conveyors, mobile crushing plants and other equipment.

In the early 60-s NKMZ began realizing complete deliveries of the equipment for mining-and-processing integrated works and open-pit coal mines.

Map of deliveries
Technical characteristics

Ore and mining equipment
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Map of deliveries
Technical characteristics

Serial production of the first in the USSR ESh-1 walking dragline was initiated at NKMZ.

Bucket-wheel excavator