Production history

PJSC “Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod” is one of the biggest research and production complexes of the European continent, having long-standing and rich traditions in the products development for mining-metallurgical and fuel and energy sectors of industry.

For more than 80 years PJSC NKMZ is involved in facilities manufacturing for underground operations. Mine winders – is the most long-standing product manufactured by PJSC NKMZ. Possibility of huge drum winders fabrication at our plant is assured by availability of production facilities, providing workpieces manufacturing and machining of shafts, length of which exceeds 10 m, also machining of coarse pitch gears, and drums having diameter 4 to 9m. Though construction of a plant has not yet been completed, design office has already been producing drawings of the first huge mine winder 2x5x2,3 to be manufactured at PJSC NKMZ.

After the plant commissioning PJSC NKMZ started to manufacture these machines and there was mining and production equipment design office established specialized on mine winders development. The first mine winder was manufactured for “Ordzhonikidze” mine of “Makeevugol” trust in 1935. Before World War II double-drum mine winders 2x4x1,8 and 2x6x2,4 and also single-drum mine winders 1x4,2x2,0 were designed and produced. Totally there were more than 30 mine winders manufactured for mines of Donbass and Kuzbass. There were produced: in 1946 the first friction-pulley mine winder ШТ-7,2 for mines having 1000 meters digging depth, in 1948 the first two-cylinder tapered mine winder, in 1954 the first cylinder split-drum mine winder, in 1958 the first multirope mine winders. Starting from 1982 there were МПБ-type mine winders manufactured; brake inside drum position is a key distinctive feature of them. 

There have been more than 2000 pcs. of mine winders produced since the production had started.

Nowadays PJSC NKMZ is best placed to manufacture integrated equipment for mine shafts and to effect delivery of longwall sets of equipment, based on high-production reliable machines of new generation for:

  • hoisting – mine winders allowing deep hoisting effecting (from more than 1000 m), process control system, and shaft signal system;
  • sinking – roadheaders, matching the best foreign equivalents, notable for optimized power-to-weight ratio and extra performance at hard rock (up to 120 mPa), high operational reliability;
  • mining – cutter-loaders, able to win the coal, seam thickness of which is 0,85-1,3 m. These cutter-loaders excel analogous ones by two to one at life time and productive capacity.

PJSC NKMZ manufactured 6 driving shields having 10 m diameter for phase 1 of Moscow underground construction.
Map of deliveries
 Assembly of
the first mine winder.