Electric arc furnaces

Electric arc furnaces (EAFs) designed by NKMZ embody the latest high technologies of melting high quality steel of any grade.

The basis of the technology and EAF design is formed by the own advanced research and development, process and design approaches.

Technical level of EAFs is continuously raised with a wide involvement of scientific research and design institutes closely cooperating with us in this field.

Basic characteristic features of EAF are as follows:

  • high quality of melted steel;
  • high capacity;
  • high reliability;
  • high efficiency.

The main tasks being solved are as follows:

  • a wide grade range of steel melting;
  • full technological cycle of melting, including the following:
  • burden preparation;
  • preparation of alloying and slag-forming materials;
  • steel melting in furnace;
  • heat tapping and weighing in ladle;
  • process gases recovery;
  • operation using any grade of burden (crap, hot briquetted iron, iron-rich pellets, pig and liquid iron).
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