NKMZ - 80. Chapters of history


Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod was commissioned on 28 September, 1934.

It's next to impossible to embrace all history of NKMZ. Unique enterprise produced unique machinery which was designed, manufactured and assembled by highly talented and skillful specialists. These people, raised by that epoch, put their hearts and characters into created works. Such traits of characters, attitudes and mentality formed rich traditions, which gave rise to corporate identity, typical only for this enterprise . Unfortunately, it is impossible to name each worker: more than six hundred of NKMZ workers were awarded with Soviet Union orders, more than 300 Honorary NKMZ workers and Distinguished machine operators were recorded in historical chronicle of the company, more than thousand workers were dignified with title «NKMZ veteran of work». At NKMZ, these titles were never bestowed without solid reasons. And, moreover, a lot of worthy, interested people without titles can be found here, many collisions, interrelations, cooperation and shop and department legends are memorized by NKMZ workers.

The respect to its own history is an integral component of NKMZ corporate identity. And since the history never ends, NKMZ workers always have the stories to tell.