Hydraulic cylinders

Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny Zavod is a spiritually young enterprise with a wealth of experience in participation in the large-scale national and international projects.

The capabilities of our enterprise will satisfy the most discerning customer and technical values of NKMZ products will allow your business efficiency to be considerably improved.

80 years of NKMZ successful work on the markets of rolling-mill, press-forging, metallurgical, ore-and-mining, handling equipment and strategy of continuous changes pursued by the company serve as a basis for this confidence.

There are a lot of evidences, that NKMZ possesses unique capabilities in production cooperation. This issue is for business partners’ reference regarding one of our cooperation lines – production of hydraulic cylinders of various design and application, pneumatic cylinders with operation temperature of - 40°С to +120°С and higher as well as hydraulic drive elements (housing parts, plungers and piston rods) basing on own design documentation, or that of the customer.

It is possible to produce pistons with diameters of 45 to 1000 mm and up to 8000-mm working stroke. We are capable to electrodeposit piston rods, having length up to 15 000 mm and width up to 350 mm, with chromium. Complete equipment is fitted with sealing elements produced by foreign companies, such as: “SIMRIT” (Germany), "Economus" (Austria), "Hennlich" (Czech Republic). At customer’s request we can also apply sealing elements of other companies. Work surfaces of piston rods are chromized and polished (roughness Ra≤0,32). Work surfaces of press hydraulic cylinders are surfaced with stainless layers and polished (roughness Ra≤0,4). Work surfaces of hydraulic cylinder housings are honed (roughness Ra≤0,32), Work surfaces of pneumatic cylinder housings are honed (roughness Ra≤0,32) and chromized. We have gained experience in designing and manufacturing of telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Maximum quantity of telescoped sections is produced according to individual request. Also we have experience in designing and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders of screw-down mechanisms (SDM hydraulic cylinders) with piston diameter up to 1600 mm.

The quality of machining and surfacing meets the best international standards.

Hydraulic cylinders
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