Production history

The beginning of metallurgical equipment range development by NKMZ took place in 1936 and was connected with manufacturing of the biggest in Europe slabbing mill.

Nowadays about 100 stationary mixers having capacity 450 to 2500 tons are in operation in 12 countries of the world, and more than 110 mobile mixers having capacity 150 to 600 tons are in operation in three countries of the world.

NKMZ faced a problem of the products diversification and new markets development in the early 90-ies. Production of steel melting and steelmaking equipment for metallurgical plants was chosen as one of the prospective lines of development. A three-party consortium consisting of NKMZ, Moldova Steel Works, and Vniimetmash (Moscow) was built up in 1995 in order to solve problems. Main activity consisted of cooperation in sphere of engineering, packaged supply of metallurgical equipment and services, including EAFs, after-furnace steel refining units “ladle-furnace”, and continuous casting machines. Modernization of the existing six-strand CCM at Moldova Steel Works can be considered as major success of the consortium. In 1997 Consortium started to develop basic design of six-strand billet CCM.

Contract signing for manufacturing of the first home-produced six-strand billet CCM and after-furnace steel refining unit “ladle-furnace” for EMZ took place on the 19.10.1999. These units were commissioned in 2002. This contract was followed by manufacturing and commissioning of the second train of CCM-2 and after-furnace steel refining unit “ladle-furnace”-2 in 2004. Successful commissioning of billet CCMs for Yenakiive Iron and Steel Works allowed to fulfill a number of the other contracts later on.

Development of the basic design of two-strand slab CCM which resulted in a contract signing for modernization of two-strand slab CCM No.3 and No.5 for “Azovstal” Iron and Steel plant in 2005 and vertical CCM for NLMK in 2008 became an important stage of the Consortium’s activity.

NKMZ manufactured the first after-furnace steel refining unit “ladle-furnace” in 1997 and vacuum degassing unit in 2000 for its own metallurgical production demonstrating in such a way capabilities of the produced equipment to the prospect buyers and allowed to fulfill a number of contracts later on.

In 2008 EAF-50 was manufactured at NKMZ as per its own design in order to produce highly qualitative steel of any grade range.

Therefore, so far, HKMZ is ready to offer set of equipment for mini iron and steel plant including shearing press, EAF, “ladle-furnace” refining unit, vacuum degassing unit, CCM and billet rolling mill.

Map of deliveries

1961 Converter for copper and nickel having capacity 8 tons for Chinese copper-smelting integrated plant