Blast furnace process equipment

One of the aspects of NKMZ’s activities is designing and production of the blast furnace equipment.

At present, the field experience accumulated at NKMZ enables to supply both individual machines and mechanisms used during the blast furnace retrofitting and complete sets of equipment.

When designing such machinery, NKMZ cooperates with the research institutes and companies producing the blast furnace process equipment such as GYPROMEZ (Moscow), “Ukrgipromez” (Dnepropetrovsk), “Energosteel” (Charkov) etc.

Now, to raise efficiency of the blast furnace operation, NKMZ can offer the following:


  • trough-type charging device which enable to reduce coke consumption and raise output;
  • blast furnace cooling system;
  • stock-conveying system;
  • electromechanical complex for hot-metal taphole servicing, movable mixers, hot metal transfer cars, slag carriages and other equipment;
  • Gas/air supply systems and smoke removal systems;
  • Hydraulic pneumatic drive systems and automatic lubrication systems;
  • Electrical drive and industrial control systems.

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