After-furnace ladle steel treatment

After-furnace steel treatment in the ladle-furnace unit (LFU) provides the production of steel with high precision as for chemical composition and temperature, allows desulphuration of metal to be brought up to the specified parameters, the amount of nonmetallic inclusions to be reduced and it also serves as accumulating and damping facility between a melting unit (electric arc furnace, converter, open-hearth furnace) and steel casting units. To provide high degree of degassing, deoxidation, desulphuration, decarburization and nonmetallic inclusions removal the LFU is installed together with the equipment for steel degassing in LFU with argon lancing or if necessary, with oxygen blowing using the vacuum steam-jet pump..

Achieved operation characteristics of LFU
Heating rate, °C/min 4,5...5,8
Electric power consumption, kW*h/t*°C 0,28...0,30
Electrodes consumption g/kW*h 8,9...9,2
Dust content in purified gas, mg/nm3 20...22
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