Degassing plant


  • Stream degassing during pouring;
  • Ladle degassing;
  • Double-degassing.


  • Generates and sustains operating depression/vacuum 0.5 mm of mercury (0.67 mbar);
  • Minimizes gas content and content of nonmetallic inclusions;
  • Reduces nitrogen content in finished rolled products by 30% and hydrogen content - by a factor of four;
  • Allows making of steel which meets the highest requirements;
  • Pay-back period is 2 years.

Steel degassing facility provides:

  • Steel homogenization in the ladle;
  • Exact obtaining of required chemical composition before pouring;
  • Reduction of sulfur content in steel < 50 ppm;
  • Receiving of steel with carbon content < 0,003%;
  • Reduction of nonmetallic inclusions content in steel < 0,002%;
  • Reduction of nitrogen content in steel < 40 ppm;
  • Reduction of hydrogen content in steel 1,5 ppm;
  • Oxygen content in steel < 30 ppm.


M/s "EKVAKS" (Russia).
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