Billet continuous casting machines

Machines for continuous casting of billets (Billet CCMs) developed by NKMZ implement modern high-performance technologies of continuous casting of high-quality steel products. Machine technology and design is based on own advanced scientific, engineering and project solutions.

Technical level of CCM is being constantly improved with wide involvement of research and development design institutes closely cooperating with NKMZ in this line.

Basic list of supplies and services:

  • Basic mechanical equipment;
  • Fixed mounts;
  • Auxiliary equipment;
  • Working fluid supply equipment;
  • Electrical equipment;
  • Control system, instrumentation;
  • Spare parts;
  • Services: engineering; supervision of erection and commissioning; training

Map of deliveries

Reference list


  • Optimal form of tundish internal surfaces;
  • Tundish change while pouring;
  • Fast pouring nozzle change;
  • Pouring with metal jet protection from secondary oxidation;
  • High-speed mould;
  • Electromagnetic stirring system in the mould;
  • Jet autostart;
  • Dynamic secondary cooling model;
  • Smooth billet unbending system in two-phase state under NKMZ technology;
  • Stamping of billets in the flow;
  • Optimal workpiece layout system;
  • Optimized billet cooling and handling scheme;
  • High level of automation;
  • Continuous measuring and monitoring of casting technological parameters;
  • Block replacement of main production assemblies;
  • High level of unification and interchangeability;
  • High level of equipment and system reliability;
  • Low operation and maintenance costs;
  • Easy operation and maintenance;
  • Safety of workspaces.

Billet Continuous
Casting Machines
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