Plate mills

To satisfy the requirements of engineering, aeronautical and shipbuilding industries and the production of gas pipes of large diameters, NKMZ designs and manufactures plate mills for rolling plates and heavy plates of carbon, low-alloy, high-strength and stainless steels as well as aluminium and its alloys.

Plate mills manufactured by NKMZ are supplied within the range of 2000...5000-mm.

The mill equipment incorporates:

  • complete mechanical equipment with hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems, electrical equipment and automation systems including the main equipment;
  • reheating furnaces (CMI Stalproekt (Belgium), Stein Heurtey (France), Tenova (Italy), LOI (Germany), TERMOSTAL (Russia) and others.;
  • four-high working stands;
  • hot and cold plate straightening machines;
  • shearing lines;
  • cooling beds, inspection beds;
  • roller tables;
  • machines and mechanisms drives gearboxes;
  • hydraulic and pneumatic equipment;
  • lubrication equipment;
  • water descaling, equipment cooling facilities and plate cooling systems;
  • electric drives and automation systems.

The mill produces:

  • steel plate for welded pipes with the strength grade up to Х90;
  • steel plate for shipbuilding;
  • structural steel plates;
  • low-alloy steel plates;
  • boiler steel plates.

Reference list Map of deliveries

3000-mm Plate mill is intended for producing:
Plates with the following finished sizes:
- thickness, mm 6-50
- width, mm 1500-2600
- length, m до 24,0
Incoming billet: slabs with the following sizes:
- thickness, mm 200-300
- width, mm 1500-1800
- length, m 1600-2300