Wide-strip hot mills

Over 80% of hot-rolled sheet production in CIS countries is made on wide-strip mills produced by NKMZ.

Constant particular attention is given to improvement of these mills design in NKMZ’s program. It is due to high share of hot-rolled flat materials in the world production and also because of growing of user's requirements as to their quality.

A search for most optimum design of wide-strip mills is carried out during hot rolling process development providing fulfillment of requirements to power saving, capital investments reduction, process potentialities widening and raising of automation level.

Advanced technologies are also implemented as a result of existing mills updating. While rehabilitation performing NKMZ pays special attention to:

  • solutions permitting to minimize mill downtime while modernization performing;
  • maximum possible using of existing equipment;
  • maximum possible saving of existing foundations in order to reduce building and assembling works.

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