Section, small section and wire mills

NKMZ has successfully performed revamping of 320/150-mm combination wire rod mill at Moldova Steel Works. The designed and manufactured equipment enabled to implement two-strand rolling method. As a consequence, the annual mill output of bar stock and wire rod has increased from 500 ths. tons to 700 ths. tons.

In wire rod and coiler lines (stage I):
Bull rod, mm 05,5-16
Rod coils, mm 012-23
Max. coil weight, t 012-23
In section rolling line (stage II):
Bars, mm 012-52
Hexagon, mm 14-52
Square, mm 12-20
Angle, web, mm 20-45
Strip, mm 10-15x60-П0
Length of rod in bundle, m 6;9;12
Bundle weight, t 8
Billet cast at CCM:
Billet section, mm 150x150
Billet length, m 9 - 12
Billet weight, t 1,56 - 2,08

Billet charging into the furnace – hot charging from CCM or cold charging from feedstock onto the charging grid.

Range of finished product grades:

  • Low-, medium- and high-carbon steels;
  • Cold-formed steels;
  • Ball bearing steel;
  • Electrode wire;
  • Alloyed structural steels;
  • Spring steel. 

Mill output: 525 000 t/yr

Rolling speed:
maximum operating speed in wire rod line, m/sec 100
maximum operating speed at section rolling, m/sec 18
maximum operating speed in coiling line, m/sec 15

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